Too soon to be looking back?

I don't remember where I read it but I've heard that staying stationary is not such a bad thing, it's better than moving backwards. It actually takes a bit of effort to stay stationary and not get carried with the tide. In the same light, the whole reason I wanted to write a blog post daily is to prove to myself that I can be consistent at something. It's been over 3 weeks since I started and other than for the weekends, I've been almost consistent. I'm sure I can do better and write everyday and about meaningful work related stuff instead of rambling on about inconsequential things like I am doing right now (when a being becomes self-conscious). The other experiment, to binge-watch coursera lectures instead of watching tv shows has also been interesting so far. Let's see how things are in the coming months and let's see if I can be any better, which I know I can be...

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