Chrome extensions I would like

Every once in a while I go on a rampant reading rage where I open +20 tabs from hacker news, io9, arstechnica and so on and so forth. Or when I'm reading up for a presentation like I was a couple of days ago on planetary atmospheres. And as I became aware, rather painfully, all of the tabs I opened were loaded instantly and when I tried to move through them, chrome would hang. I don't have a fancy system so yes, 20 tabs is more than enough for my system to not respond for a couple of mins. While my patience has grown waiting for chrome to start working again, I am bought there should better way of loading pages where unless the person opens the specific tab, the page isn't loaded. As in a news article which I would like to read would just remain a link in a new tab unless I open that tab finally interested in reading it. I should check and see if there's anything for this in the store.

Also, I would like the history page to not look like a list but rather a tree ie I would like to know what the sequence of pages was that I opened or how I reached a particular page having started on a while different part of the internet altogether. I'm fairly sure theres already an extension for this exact purpose, I just need to dig my bookmarks and find it

PS - I'm writing this post from a mobile device. Again. Hence the missing hyper links. Back to normalcy from tomorrow on. Whatever normalcy is... 

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