Binge-watching Coursera course lectures

After a friend's suggestion, I started watching coursera course lectures in my free time. Or when i felt bored. Or when i felt tired. Or when i felt unproductive. Pretty much all the time I used to spend watching tv shows or browsing the internet and reading random internet articles. While i still do the latter two, I've spent a good amount of the time last week watching lectures from the Coursera course "Caltech-JPL summer school on big data analytics". It's quite an interesting set of talks, especially good for the layman like myself who isn't really interested in taking notes. I've started watched the set of talks on data visualization and on good programming practices while I was having dinner or while I was at a coffee shop and they're pretty informative. Regarding good programming practices, while I was following most of them like using version control, using standard libraries and the like, it has brought my attention to things like proper commenting. So, I'm sitting down, commenting all of the code I've written over the last 3 months. And the set of talks of data visualization have been quite interesting so far, talking about how to maker better or easily understood data visualizations and so on. Thanks siva for the advice, it's turning out to be quite an interesting experiment. Off I go, commenting my code...

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