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Well, i've finally cracked 10,000 views. With around ~12 page views a day on an average last month, when i didn't post anything for weeks together and stopped posting links on fb, i barely crossed this line at a snail's pace. All of this after i started seriously blogging in june with ~5-6 blog posts a month.

This has been an interesting time for me, i've had something constant in my life for about 6 months now. And now to crank it up a notch. I have a couple of plans for this blog and you'll see how things roll starting Jan 15th.

Let's see how long it takes for me to crack the next 10,000 Page views.
Thanks and Cheers,

How to pursue Radio Astronomy

If you are a complete noob, Radio Astronomy deals with the study of emissions in the radio wave part of the electromagnetic spectrum i.e ~10 MHz to 10 GHz. The emissions might be from the sun, inter-planetary i.e from other planets in the solar system, extra-solar, galactic or extra-galactic in nature. It also deals with the mechanism behind the emission of energy in this spectrum. Various process contribute to emissions from astronomical sources, synchrotron emission causing some of the stronger emissions. 

I've already written a lot about what i've done in radio astronomy, the radio jove project that i've worked on, doubts i had regarding the project, the observable range in radio astronomyandbuilding a radio telescope. I also implemented a different method of data acquisition (different from the method used in radio jove) about which i've written here

So, i've already given a lot of opinions regarding radio astronomy.
Now, i thought it'd be better if i just s…

Installing Linux

As another one of my friends who was trying to install a linux OS asked me how to go about doing it, i decided to write this article. 

One of the major hurdles in a installing linux OS is to decide which type of linux OS to install - 
The more commonly known Ubuntuthe more serious Fedoraor the bare bonesDebian. I don't guess many of you know aboutArch Linuxand if you are a noob to linux, i suggest you stay away from it. You can only start dreaming about it after using a linux OS for atleast ~2 months! There are quite a few lesser known versions of linux OS like gentoo linux and then there are enterprise linux OS like CentOS, Red hat linux and so on and so forth. 

As far as i know, if you just want to try out a linux OS, if you do not intend to do any serious work on linux, Ubuntu is one of the best versions of linux OS to install. Almost everyone starts out as an ubuntu user or atleast that's what i think. 

Well, after you've decided the linux OS you want to install, you can…

Winter School on Astronomy and Astrophysics at IIST, Trivandrum

The title pretty much sums up one of the reasons why this blog has been deserted for ~3 weeks. Well atleast there aren't tumble weeds blowing across yet. I will not let the situation get that bad. Anyway, coming back to the point, i had my semester exams from the 19th november and a couple of lab exams before that. And on the day of my final exam - 29th november, i had to catch a train to trivandrum at 7:45PM. Luckily enough the exam got shifted to the morning (9-12 AM) instead of the afternoon (2-5 PM) and i was able to escape chennai. 

The reason why i am going to trivandrum (currently am) is for a winter school on astronomy and astrophysics at IIST, Trivandrum. For those of you who don't know what a winter school is, it is a 10 day fast track course to introduce students to a certain area of science, in this case astronomy and astrophysics. I haven't personally taken any course on astronomy or astrophysics and i've been wondering what we'll be taught since i got …