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Editing Lengthy Texts and Notes.

I am currently working on an assignment where the students in my class are expected to go through a book and make a list of all the errors we can find in the book. Well, to be fair, it's actually 10 chapters of a book and ~20 pages on an average per chapter. Well, the lazy engineering students that we are, we formed a group and divided work/chapters among ourselves so that none of us will have to read the whole thing but all of us get full credit. BTW, this is for a humanities course titled 'Environmental and Resource Economics' and the textbook we are expected to go through is called 'Energy and the Wealth of Nations'.

And in this process, i came upon one interesting question.

As i was reading the chapters, i noticed how hard it was for me to keep track of the errata.
As it is a book, the whole thing is written in chapters and pages and if i do find a mistake, i'd have to note down the # of the page, the paragraph in the page and the sentence in that particular p…

Using MathJax to write equations on blogs

So i just installed mathjax and i want to check it out and see if it works $ x^n + x_n = 5 $
and $$ a*b*c = x^a + y^b $$

And it works! 
So, MathJax is a java script which can be used to write beautiful equations using TeX on websites. Read this blog post for the installation process. Apparently there are two ways of going about it. 
One is to install MathJax on the server where your website is hosted. 
The other, especially in the case of blogs, is to add a certain script to the html template of the blog.  The setup instructions for a blogger site have been mentioned and i'm sure the parallels on WordPress and Tumblr can be figured out without much trouble. 

Using this in the coming blogposts should be fun :D

Learning Latek

I've been trying to learn LaTeX for a while now but learning it from scratch without a template is very very hard. Especially for a person who insists on going through atleast a couple of manuals before he goes hands-on (that's me btw). 

I've finally been able to get a grip on writing documents in LaTeX because i've been writing something in TeX for a while now. And i know quite a few people who are putting off using LaTeX for the same reason that i did. So, i thought that if i could write a good template which would encompass every basic functionality necessary for a student to write a report, i thought it'd help in getting people to start working on LaTeX. 

So, here's what i've been able to come up with in one afternoon... 

% each of these can be considered as commands and each command has different outputs depending on arguments which are given in {}. Look for the different arguments each of these functions have. some have one. quite a few have many.