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Why did Facebook choose this default?

I removed a lot of personal information from Facebook on Friday night and I ended up with a small box on the left hand side of my Wall, asking me for personal information, prodding me to complete my profile.

One of those questions were on where I went to college. The options I saw were a list of colleges friends of mine went to. What I found interesting was the last option that read "I didn't go to university."

I wonder why Facebook chose to make it Private if someone didn't go to university. Is it because of the usual stigma associated with not being a college graduate? Just wanted to point it out.

Where Facebook thinks I work

So, I removed most personal information from Facebook and I ended up with a box on my Wall asking me to fill in some information. One of the questions is about where I worked at in the past. The options Facebook gave me are :

The reason I am surprised at these options is because of how they differ from options I got for other questions. For example, the options I got for the question of where I live currently was a list of places my friends currently live in. Similarly, the options I got for the question of where I studied was a list of colleges my friends studied at.

The only company on this list that my friends work at is Ather, as is evidenced. I cannot recall a single person in my Facebook friend circle who works at either TCS or Cognizant or at HCL. Why Facebook decided to add those items to the list will remain a mystery.

Stack Overflow dev survey - Cleaning up numbers

If you haven't read my last post, I am taking a look a Stack Overflow's yearly developer survey. After the survey is complete, the release the data collected publicly, which can be found here.

At first, I was only looking at numbers from the 2017 survey but there were a few questions I wanted to ask using survey numbers from 2011-2017, such as the ratio of Male/Female developers, among those responded to the developer survey and the change in salary of developers over the last 7 years.

Which is when I hit a roadblock - the actual survey data. Real life data is a mess, starting from the weird formats it is saved in to the weird data saved in them. For example, the developer's country/region has been a consistent question over the years but the possible answers have changed e.g. from "United States of America" to "United States". The column name for this data has changed as well, from "country" to "Country" to "What country or re…

Stack Overflow Dev survey - India

Prelude If you didn't know, Stack Overflow is
a community of 7.3 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.It's a Q&A forum with probably the most comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of programming languages and associated libraries, knowledge which volunteers contributed.

Being part of the programming community, they run a survey every year. The survey is developer-centric and asks questions on what language you use, what language you want to learn/use, how much you get paid, what your title is, where you work from, what your gender is, and so on. It is one of the largest surveys, as far as I know.

This blogpost looks at data from the most recent SO survey from 2017. Specifically, it looks at data submitted by Indian developers.

Before we take a peek at the data, the data is freely available at this URL. You will also find raw data from surveys through 2011-2017. You might also want to take a look at this blogpost from the SO folks regarding the publi…