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a precautionary to movies ..

why am i blogging about movies you say, why should you prefer my blog to the infinite other blogs, websites which tell you about movies ?? i dont got not reason. im just blogging on movies because im out of space on my comp and im trying to fight my urge right now to buy a new external hard drive cos i cant remember all of the awesome movies i've seen so far. so, whenever i feel of watching a movie, i try recollecting about a movie i've seen or just for kicks, i just get back to this blog and read about whatever movie i want to which i've blogged about by then. and before i write anything else, i should mention to you that i am(or atleast i think i am) a geek/nerd. i like scifi a lot; mystery, thrillers and horror too but scifi a lot more. so, all of my reviews will probably be oriented that way. 
and before anything i post i also want to tell one important thing. You've all heard of Star Wars one way or the other, classmates using star wars references etc and being int…

Living off the Net

I need to mention that the Title "Living off the net" means living using the resources off the net and not living without the net, that would be apocalypse, a world war .. just hell. 

Maybe a lot of you've heard of the Chromebook recently, the net book which runs on Chrome OS, developed by google. Basically a browser, completely online life, all online apps, nothing install-able on the computer. I quite liked it the first time i read it's reviews until someone pointed out it's defects. one, It's as costly as any netbook but not many better perks and especially in India, where we dont have Wi-Fi everywhere, using netbooks on the go maybe a problem if not at home, office or at the college and we'll have to use the 3G services. 

Anyhow, i was quite interested in the concept of living online, documents, movies, songs, everything online, everything on the cloud. And maybe we don't need to have Chromebooks or even netbooks to be living off the internet . Almo…

2 years and counting - My experiences at Astro IITM.

Basically, I'm copy-pasting a post i wrote for Astro IITM.

I'm not blogging now because the next batch of bakras are going to arrive in the institute and when we show them some pseud slides telling them what Astro IITM is and then later on get to the website and not see many updates, in the past two years. So, here goes my account of what happened in the two years i've been part of this club at IITM.

I come to the institute, GCU orientation session and there is someone on stage (i still dont know how i couldn't notice shiva on stage) talking about an astronomy club at IITM, which has theory and observation sessions and given the opportunity a *STAR  PARTY*. So, looking forward to the day of the session, i start deviating towards all the other crap there is in the insti to do, especially the shaastra volship.

So, finally when there was a session, I hesitatingly join the small gumbal in the physics dept. with two big bouncers (shiva & akshay) on stage and two teenage…



people watch them. Indians watch mostly emotional ones, mostly ones in hindi. well, iitians watch them a lot cos we have the biggest collection of them in india probably. well we get addicted to this stuff mostly in our first years cos were too bored and some muggus (people occupied with studies all the time) in their final years cos they were too busy till then.. well there are a lot to go through, comedy, drama, mystery and too many spy, cop and police drama. well my personal preference are the comedies.there are a lot of them to choose from.

one thing i see is there should be an order in which some sitcoms should be seen. there are some which would feel better in a particular order, or what i felt after having gone through too many sitcoms. well the most famous ones are friends, how i met your mother. why the order you ask, i donno .

seinfeld, a contemporary to friends, is about 4 friends, and their relations, their parents, their neighbours and their early adulthood(20…

It's not just you ..

This is my feature article. I will continue writing on this topic, which as far as i know is one of the most important things for someone in my position or for someone just out of school, wanting to join in a good college, a good branch, an interesting branch of science or tech. There are a lot of geniuses in India, one should say everyone can be a genius from India. but from what i've experienced, among students just out of college, especially from andhra (where i come from), there is a lot of misconception regarding the branches available in colleges, misconceptions regarding what one would work on or learn if one joins some branch. this is important if you are interested in some branch, which you might not get and thus get discouraged, lose interest in your current branch, the work and academics. frankly saying, i am a victim of this. i used to think all that mechanical engineers work on were cars, engines, trannys, car mods and such awesome stuff (obvious i'm a car fan), t…

Is it just me ??

I want to clarify something, especially to the women out there, when you see a guy, your brother, cousin, uncle, father, husband whomever looking very serious, looking as if he's trying to calculate 658 * 917 in his mind, don't start thinking that he's a genius, he's in a very tough spot in life, he is trying to solve some serious problem. whatever it is ... really saying as far as from what i know, when we look like that, we have songs playing in the background of our mind, movie bits whizzing past us, comedy scenes, and sometimes stuff which cannot be blogged about etc etc and not mostly some serious shit. there is a very less probability that we're thinking of something very serious, cos if we are working on something very seriously, we wont be sitting around on the table for dinner, munching on chips and sipping coke on the couch but some place different, maybe in some place more suited, like maybe an office, ohh i don't know, am not sure. there are times w…

Roald Dahl

So, as part of my curriculum at IITM, i am supposed to finish 3 humanities courses, them being Indian Art, Computers & Society, and now Fiction. i'll get back to the other two sometime later but for now, i was supposed to make a presentation on a novel, fiction by any author. I was interested in Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, the Wheel of Time, LOTR or something on the fantasy lines, but i had a partner to do the presentation with, and she suggested Matilda, a children's book by Roald Dahl, pretty famous one which even came out as a movie. I remembered watching the movie some time looooooong back and as the book was jsut 200 pages i wokayed it. finished reading it and 2 days before the our due ppt  date, we start working on the ppt. But we never met to write, instead we kept calling each other, mailing and messaging the changes, who will work on what part of the ppt etc etc . So, the ppt went  well that day. but remember one thing, there will always be a twist in my stor…

It starts here :

I don't know where the end will be, but it all started here. What is the "all" i'm referring to you ask, i don't know. All the stuff i think about, all the thoughts i have and all the crazy conversations i had will make up most of this "all", but that won't be all. All this blog will be, as the title suggests, is the world through my eyes. So, if you don't like it, to put it straight, I don't care.

All that aside, I've been postponing my posts on this blog for a long time now, a really long time. I signed in into blogger when i joined college, two years ago and you may ask why didn't i post anything till now ?? There is a logical reason everything, but not in this case. I went to a pundit friend of mine and asked him which date was good for me to start something new. and he said that July 23rd, 2011 would be a good date and that anything i start on the day would not end up in a pile of crap. Jokes aside, the real reason i didn't …