Programming assignments

I've spent most of my day writing comments for computational physics codes. Here is a link to the github repository with the relevant codes. The .ipynb files might be a bit less readable so I suggest you refer to the relevant .html or .py files, in the relevant folders if you're interested.

On a separate note, I cannot stress enough how awesome version control is and how useful it is for code review! Along with C, C++ and python, it should also be compulsory to teach students git or other types of version control. Actually, as long as we're adding things to the list, one should also get used to latex. C'mon, it's about just time you move on from Word. Especially for writing technical documents and reports.

Also, I've started on a new book for the month. "Everybody loves a good drought" by P. Sainath. I've actually already read this book once, a couple of years back. In fact this was the first full book that I'd read after a two or three year long dry stretch. It's a great read on the India's poor. It's hard to digest at times but well that's one of the reasons I'm adamant on reading non-fiction only for the time being.

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