Hydrofoils and high speed boats

Hydrofoil boats can lift out of the water. Literally, the main hull of the boat is above the surface of the water. The fins of the hydrofoil that are under water generate lift that helps push the rest of the boat above the surface. This means less drag or friction leading to faster speeds.

Now, looking else where, commercial speed boats used in racing are, well, fast. The problem being that every once in a while a freak accident occurs where the speed boat get flipped around because the air it's trying to push out of it's way also pushes back.

Put these two together. I thought it'd be interesting to attach hydrofoils to speed boats to prevent them from flying off into space. Further, the hydrofoils can be dynamic instead of static i.e the pitch of the hydrofoil can be dynamically controlled depending on how much lift the speed boat feels and the like.

Finally, if there's one thing that i've come to realize over the last 5 years, it's that if you have an idea, it's safe to assume that someone on earth at some point in the past has also thought of the same thing and has probably worked on it. And after a bit of digging on google, here's what i found.

Also, if you've come this far, read about cavitation! It's one of the more interesting scientific phenomenon I've read about.

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