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The Wayback Machine Firefox Add-on

Running into URLs that are broken or return a 404 Not Found error happens pretty regularly for me, especially if the URL is related to academia.

I also know about the Internet Archive or Wayback Machine (, a non-profit organization that stores snapshots of the internet (well, parts of it), on regularly basis.

Today, I finally put one and one together and looked for a Firefox addon to easily search the Wayback Machine for the broken URL. The search turned up a bunch of results but updating/tuning the search eventually led me to what I think is the official Firefox addon by the Internet Archive (

Public speaking beat practice

Are you loud?

That's the only question I am going to ask in this post.

If you are, how loud are you? Loud enough to be heard by ~10 people in a small-ish room? Loud enough to be heard by ~100-ish people in a small conference room? Loud enough to be heard by ~1000s of people in a large conference hall? (I think no one is that loud!).

I am watching a talk from PyCon US 2019 which is what prompted this question.

In a lot of speaking events, the first barrier between you and the talk attendees is sound. If they cannot hear you, it will not matter how good your topic is, it will not matter how good you are at communicating.

I, thankfully, am loud. Loud enough to be heard by 100s of people in a small conference room. I know it because I have conducted a few workshops at local Python events and conferences and I got good feedback from the attendees.

Even though I'm loud enough, I will resort to using a sound system. If one exists, and if it works reasonably well enough, I will use i…