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2 n 1/2 men is now 1 n 1/2 men with a zombie, which acts really bad

i was thinking of  blogging on this matter before i watched the new season of 2n1/2men with ashton kutcher replacing charlie sheen as the lead in the tv series. it can be summed up as 8 seasons of awesomeness followed by a stupid interview which made chuck lorre chuck charlie from the lead part, kill him by throwing himself infront of a train in the tv show and take ashton kutcher as his replacement.

i never bothered for the acting because the comedy was just briliant, the script was awesome and charlie was just perfect for the part. but why do you think after 8 seasons of charlie acting as himself in the tv series finally rant on his producer chuck lorre. well i have a theory.


from the very first episode, allen is shown as a loser and though you might have pity towards him, pity almost at the end of every episode, that pity is almost always overcome by the huge laughter following it. as for charlie, he had no problem acting as the real life him for 8 seasons. but the cane the e…

the same old generation-work-inspiration crap. why do you think this is so ?

well, i've been hearing for the past 2 years professors ranting about the fact that the quality of IITs are coming down, that the students aren't performing as well as their generation of IITians did. so, here is me ranting about the profs. well it isn't exactly ranting, but i would like to put forward my reason as to why we're not as good as their generation is. well it isnt exactly what we're supposed to do, like try coming up with theories as to why we're not as good when we can use the same time to try work and learn. well, i dont have an answer for that. so, well here goes my answer to the other question.

have you people(my generation of 21st century geeks) seen videos of the moon landing, have u seen web cast of shuttles taking off, have you read of the thrills of the wall street IT boom of the 80's, have you heard of the stories from people working on the first generations of the computers and the internet ...well if you haven't you may not under…

A Strange Thought Process

a man is sitting on a rooftop, looking at the stars. he is sitting alone, thinking of life, reality and other such crap people think of to make themselves feel relevant and important. he is looking at the skies, cursing for the light pollution ruining his night skies and cursing the occasional flight crossing over head for looking like a star from far away ... he starts wondering why do they have such huge lights or are they strong lights with huge divergence. then because of the immense noise disturbing his peace, he starts wondering why the hell do flights make so much of a noise, how air is compressed in the jet planes and the construction of the jet engines. 
he slowly starts to wonder how the noise from a turbo propeller engine would sound, imagining movies where they featured, how they scared the crap out of the english and apparently even the indian, making people run for a safe place every night, making people switch off their lights(if they could afford lighting in those days)…