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Tips on dealing with Depression and Job (From a commenter on HN)

I keep checking Hacker News a every couple of hours and maybe a week or two back (actually a month and a half), I came across a discussion on Depression and Job. One of the comments was very helpful and I've had it open on my browser ever since.

I went through the list mentioned in the comment again today and I wanted to share the same with you.

The discussion as a whole can be found here -
The specific comment that I am referring to can be found here -
Leave work after 8 hours without making excusesGo to bed at the same time every nightGet at least 7 hours of sleep. Try for 8.Stop drinking alcohol and using drugsEat better. Cook your own meals. Do meal prep to make it easier.Start exercising. Start 3x per week, 15 min of HIIT per day.Drink a large glass of water when you wake up. Drink water throughout the day.Don't drink more than one cup of coffee per dayDon't use sleeping pill…

Found on the internet - Recursion in Python

I came across this really concise and approachable introduction to Recursion in Python and thinking recursively in programming. While it didn't teach me anything new, it was a good way to talk about the topic. And extra points for the visuals!