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GNUPlot, Latek and my New Year Resolutions

One of my new year's resolutions was to be meticulous about everything i started and worked on this year. So, when i started learning GNUPlot and working on Latek for my lab reports, i got right down to business.

There are some people in this world who can remember a lot of things, specifically coding i.e the syntax as to how to use the for/if-else loops in C, writing data in columns in Latek and setting limits on GNUPlot. I am not one of those persons so i knew the minute i started working with these software that i needed a way to easily recollect these things if and when needed! I didn't want to write them all down on a notebook because well, it's just old school.
I thought that it'd be a better idea to have a template file with all of the basic commands noted down, the syntax mentioned and usage described. This way, when i needed something, i could just copy the commands from the template file and use them.

I'm sure that i'm not the first person to be foll…