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To Crib or not to Crib - that is the question!

After a recent discussion with a couple of friends of mine, who were in the middle of cribbing to each other about their professors, their skewed views etc etc, they finally ended up looking towards me who had been staring blankly at them all this while, as to why i wasn't cribbing. they then proceeded to complement(i think it is) that they had never heard me crib about anything before! (well i reduced it a lot in the past year or so) and they were wondering why.
so, after a long discussion with them and later on myself, here is why i do not crib!

and before i start, for the slang-impaired, to crib means to bitch, about college life, rooms, food, girls, friends, profs, academics and a variety of never before heard and strange things in life. im sorry but there i can't make it any more civilized.

so, in my three years, i've heard people crib on a range of topics. and if and when you try stopping them or asking them the validity of the topic they are cribbing on, they look a…