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What's the deal with radiation from laptops, monitors and whatnot!

Well, a lot of us get a hard time from our parents when we use our laptops a lot, the usual stories about radiation from laptop screens and what not. And i do remember reading an article a while back on the de-merits of using CRT monitors, - the main one being low energy X-rays being produced by the electron beam when it bombards the screen. Though the amount of radiation is less, it apparently is quite harmful on the long run. So, i did some digging and this is what i came to -

Let's first look at some amateur's point of view of this whole case. There are a lot of mentions of the wikipedia page regarding the health concerns while using CRT monitors but a lot of people testify to their use of CRT monitors over decades and not having come under any kind of medical problem.
But, all of this is amateur talk, not some professional research done in this regard. Also, medical symptoms due to radiation poisoning will take a long time to set in, in the order of ~decades.

So, we look …

Another Year. A New Year. 2013

I'm not really someone who celebrates the new years, atleast i haven't been for the last 3 years. But i do like all of the hype and hope that goes around with it. I do like to call and talk to my friends on the new years and wish them a new year. I do like making resolutions and dream about the coming year.
But i believe people sometimes take it a bit too far when it comes to the new year or the resolutions.

It's kind of strange what humans do. We are bubbles of hope in a sense. Every year, we make resolutions, we make plans, we have ideas and we dream. But not everything can go according to plan. Not everything happens for your good.
And when this does happen, people either turn to god or turn to their past.
Those that turn to god are beings of hope, beings that think that hard work will eventually pay out, beings that just work hard leaving the rest up to god.
Then there are the people who turn to their past i.e those who look at what they've done so far, those who l…