Planetary atmospheric science

As I mentioned earlier, as part of a course on Atmospheric Sciences, I need to make a report and do a presentatjon of a topic that I find interesting. Instead of choosing from the predefined choices, I chose to talk about the interesting atmospheric phenomenon that are seen in solar-system planets. In fact, some of the most extreme temperatures simulated in labs are day to day conditions on planets. Winds on Venus are as fast as 300kmph, the surface temperature of Venus is ~700K, there is a ginormous hurricane in Jupiter that has been alive for over 100 years, as we know it and there's black ice on earth. I was doing a literature survey yesterday and I came across multiple phenomenon that I hadn't heard of earlier such as titan, a moon of Jupiter, having winds as fast as Venus. I also read that Jupiter's big red sopt is growing smaller day by day. And that Venus takes longer to orbit itself than it takes to orbit the sun. Again, sorry for the broken lineage, I am trying to make sense of all of what I read yesterday and I will post the report and final presentation I make. Until then..

PS - there should be better/lighter tools to wrote blog posts from mobile devices. Yes, I'm not near my laptop and I'm writing this from my smart phone. Hence the missing hyperlinks that usually fill my posts.

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