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Using my internet usage to understand my daily activity cycle

Well, I had a little bit of work to do on Friday night, mainly because I didn't get much work done during the day. And I tried a couple of other ideas I had in mind but they didn't exactly pan out so I finally settled on this.

Coming to the point, I use Google and Stack Overflow on a daily basis at work. In fact, it can be crudely said that if i'm using the internet, then I'm working and if I'm not using the internet, I'm either sleeping or watching something. I know what you're going to say, what if i'm wasting time on the internet, reading articles or worse, watching videos on Youtube and to that i'm going to say, from internet usage, I should be able to distinguish between using the internet for work i.e google/SO and wasting my time watching videos on Youtube. Now, let's look at how this can be done. I'm going to talk in the context of OSX and Linux-based systems. I didn't play around with Windows system. Maybe another time.

1 while …

The fine line between the big picture and the minor details

or "The parallels between academia and the industry". I chose the former and not the latter. I hope you understand why by the end of this post.

So, to start with, let me tell you what a friend of mine asked me in my final year of college. To give you a little introduction, a final year student at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras is expected to work on an year-long project. I majored in Physics and I worked with Dr. L. Sriramkumar of the Dept. of Physics at IIT Madras on a project modelling different ways the universe evolved. So, coming back to the point, I was trying to explain to a friend of mine what it is that I was working on and after sometime, he pointed out to me the fact that I was only talking about the minor details of the project but I wasn't talking about the big picture, that I wasn't talking about the big picture and why we were doing what we were doing. I agreed with him and replied to him that this project started much before I came long …