Why everyday

There are two major reasons why I started writing everyday, rather try write everyday.

I technically started this blog in my first year (2009), started posting articles in my third year (2011) and other than for transient updates such as my blog posts in the summer of 2013 on my work with Prof. Anand Narayanan at IIST, Trivandrum or similar posts the summer before, there were never any regular updates. During the semesters, I didn't feel like I had time to write a blog. I just wasn't trying hard enough. And I didn't feel like there wasn't anything to write about. But there always is. I just have to think for a moment. For example, take this post. I am not exactly going anywhere with it but still. And looking back at my earlier posts, I think about how I could've better constructed my sentences or ordered them better to make more sense. It's a different learning experience.

More importantly, it takes me roughly 30 mins to write a blog post, maybe a bit more if I need to look up a couple of related things or if I need to add some links. And if I couldn't find 30 mins in a day to write, then there's something very wrong with the way I manage time. Some, in some way, this is an exercise in organizing my day and my schedule, one thing that I should've learnt much earlier...

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