Stats. Stat!

I have been reading up on statistics, starting with the simplest of problems, to fit a straight line to a set of data points. David Hogg tells us why the least squared fit is not the best way to do so and shows a different way to fit data, while taking into account the outliers, using bayesian statistics and monte carlo methods. One should refer to this paper, along with this talk on the same. Delving deeper into astronomical literature, his talk on hierarchical classification with discrete models was quite interesting. Following this, I started going through these seminars on stats at NYU Physics.

I think I've strayed far enough from my actual work now. I shall get back now to the third chapter, studying synchrotron radiation. Interestingly, he also has a small talk on relativistic mechanics, what would've been a good place for me to start had I known of it earlier.

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