Classes in Python and adaptive step size RK method

I've never understood what the term 'Object Oriented Programming' meant. After I started programming in Python, I got introduced to functions and eventually, when I was checking out professional python code, for example from the astropy repository, I noticed classes in python. I didn't try understand what classes are by myself and the few people who attempted to explain it to me weren't successful. I finally tried last weekend what classes in python were used for, how they were different to functions. Not only did I understand what classes are but I also understood that classes are used to create objects in python.

This post and this one helped a lot in understanding how classes are written and used in Python. Now I need to look for a problem, which I am working on, which can be implemented using classes.

Moving on, a problem that I am already working on is to implement adaptive step size runge-kutta method. I am referring to Numerical Methods for Engineers by Steven C. Chapra but this post really helped me clear some doubts on the topic.

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