Too many symbols

Why have I been posting articles over the last week which hardly have any text but are filled with equations, most of which don't make any sense?

Well, I've been working over the last week and I couldn't think of topics to write my daily posts on. So I thought I might as well post my work. Agreed, it's sloppy and not complete; there are bits and pieces of the solution missing but it's what I will need in the future if I need to revise this topic that I am working on. FYI, I'm using StackEdit to post them on blogger, so I can make use of LaTeX.

Coming to the posts, it is not intuitive to me as to the steps one needs to take to come to a meaningful conclusion. In all such posts, I already knew how the final equation should look like and I pushed my way through in small steps. It will probably be a long time, after a lot of practice, that I will reach a phase where I can see my way through towards a solution. Practice. Lots and lots of it.

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