Shell scripts

I've been using linux for over 5 years now and I've had to reinstall one or the other version of it every year, and sometimes more. And every time I reinstalled it, I had to install the programs that I use on a daily basis, beginning from audio/video players to browsers to linux utilities. And I've always wanted to write a shell script that would automate this task for me. It would add the relevant repositories itself, download and install them instead of me having to do everything one after another.

I finally did that today. It didn't take more than a couple of hours but I figured out how to write a small, 20-40 line, shell script that would check the system for desired programs and if not present, would download and install them. I had to search a bit to figure out how to take user input in a shell script, to give the user more freedom with which package or program to install but it was pretty straightforward. It's still missing the 'add repository' part but the rest is there. I should prolly also put up my bashrc file on github, for future reference.

I look forward to a day when I will be working on something and I won't feel bad at not having worked on it earlier; much, much earlier when I had known of it but hadn't worked hard enough or for long enough to finish it.

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