What is Photonics?

As promised, I shall introduce to the world of photonics through this post. If you ponder at the word 'Photonics' for some time you will realize that you have heard a similar word somewhere in your life. You are right! The word you are looking for is 'electronics'. Just like electronics is the study of electrons, photonics is the study of photons.

Imagine what would happen if every instrument around you ran on photons instead of electrons. Form the top of my head, data-rates would increase drastically and size of instruments would decrease enormously. Scientist around the world have realized that they have reached the limits of electronics and the future lies in photonics. I also strongly support this claim. In an attempt to convince you, I shall give you an example. Optic fibers have replaced traditional co-axial cables and twisted wire pair as channels to transfer data. You can google what speeds optical cables are giving compared to traditional electrical links. I am sure they will surprise you. If you want to know more about photonics or have some questions for me, post it on the comments below and I shall look into it. 

Oh yeah! Photon counting! As the phrase suggests, photon counting is the process of counting photons. Through many ways it can be shown that photons follow Poisson distribution. It is rigorously used in quantum optics and quantum communication. Now you can see why I named myself Count Photon!

To end this post on a good note, I have a question for all of you. 
What did one photon tell the other?

I don't like your interference! XD

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