Replacement's here!

Since astronut's home, I shall be your enterntainment for this weekend. You can assume this post was put up on 21st February to keep up astronut's daily streak. I will use this post to introduce myself and maybe the next one to talk about something interesting.

Lo and behold me - Count Photon. Now don't go like - what!? Count!? What are you counting? Photons? No! See that I spelt Count with a capital 'C', which means it's a proper noun. So take it something like Count Dracula; it's my name. The more serious side of me can be found here - . I am an undergraduate student in the department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. I am very passionate about Photonics. For now I will assume you know what photonics is or you can wait for my next blog entry where I explain what it is. Maybe I will also try to explain what 'photon counting' is and ergo the motivation for my name.

Catch you all in the next post. Seeya. 

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