Cython and nbconvert output

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to learn cython but never had the right motivation. This time I said screw motivation and I just started. Apart from a couple of extra lines to load the cython magic and a small change in the way one imports libraries, the significant difference was the static typecasting of variables. I didnt get much speed out of writing a small code to estimate the integrand of a function but yes, there was a speed up.

Moving in, I also wanted to look up a way to toggle the output of various cells in an ipython notebook converted to html. Ipynb files themselves grant the ability to toggle or minimize the output but the nbconvert doesn't do any such thing by default. And after a bit of googling, I found someone's solution to the problem - a problem that enough people have asked about and tried solving! Now to include this to my repertoire! Onwards my good men...

And I finally got off my lazy ass and modified my github site links to have easy access to the HTML files with visualizations I was mentioning from earlier.

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