Still on cython

After classes in the morning, my afternoon was spent trying to understand why my codes were running so slow. I knew that i was doing twice the number of function evaluations while estimating the integral of a function numerically but even after i used the correct weights in the trapezoid rule, my code was running slow. I tried cython and it was bit better, but not so much that it made any difference to me. Doubtful that working on an ipython notebook might be a hinderence, I learnt how to build cython codes and use them a libraries in python code, instead of running them on the ipython notebook using the %load_ext cython and %%cython magic functions that I was using until this point. It was a bit better than when I was running the code on the ipython notebook but it still hung up on me after a point. But one thing is for sure, the numerical estimates of error seem way more rational and similar to that I get from C when I ran the cython code than when I ran the python version of the same code. Errors in the python version were all over the place. Otherwise, I did a bit more cleanup of my github repositories and checked if there was anything from before that I hadn't written about or if there was anything that I could zip up and throw into my archive folders instead of using up github space. Having just completed an assignment, well almost all of it, I shall embark upon my journey of the internet. God speed...

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