it's that time of the year again

well, it's that time of the year again. to the IITM folk, i am not referring to saarang or shaastra and to the non IITM folk, i am not referring to valentine's day. no i hate that day. coming back to the issue at hand, it's the time of the year when i stop slacking off, move my ass, write some blog posts(not with my ass ofcourse) and spam them all at once leaving the reader to think that i regularly update this blog.

and yeah, one other reason i havent written anything these days is because not everything i wrote couldve been posted online. and i have diverged a lot from what i initially wanted my blog to be. a place for me to store movie info and my collection of some good songs. so, let me now introduce to you a couple of songs i've heard in the past months.

Foo Fighters - Walk
Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks - kind of slow, classic rock
Weezer - I'm your Daddy - one of the stranger bands that i've stumbled upon in the past year, have some really good songs. it's just rock. i dont know how else to group them.
Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song- one of the few artists i actually admire from these days, apart from adele. has a lot of awesome songs. as for this, it's just what i wake up to everyday.
Foo Fighters - Stranger Things Have Happened - one of the best songs i've ever heard. the band's lead man is the drummer from the so-called-band nirvana. and i consider him better than kurt cobain(it's probably just because of the popular notion that if you go against popular notion, you might be heard or stoned). one of the few songs i actually know the lyrics of(you know that means a lot, atleast while listening to music these days).
Slash ft Iggy Pop - We're All Gonna Die! - and this is finally a song which just moves you, not in respect to moving the heart, not that's too gay. this song gets you into the groove(or is no one using that word anymore).

i dont know about you, but i would categorize these into the basic(not classic) rock collection. they have good lyrics, have decent guitars and awesome feel (good<decent<awesome, okay!).

so, there you go, a few songs that you can discover and you have a proper address now to refer to. cos you know, people ask me how i found these and im dumbfounded, cos i usually find new songs on one of my journeys through youtube, sometimes on, sometimes on actual fm, sometimes as movie/sitcom background scores etc etc, you see, if i listen to something i like i never rest till i find the full song. you'll know cos you'll come across quite a few songs that you would've heard in movies/sitcoms but never bothered to move your ass and google for the whole thing.

so, like i said, there you go for now. adios, muchacho.

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