more songs

So, i dont know exactly how to differentiate between songs of different genres and end up mixing them up. so i make up genres names on my own for reference. see, im a geek and we, in some cases need to be very organised and regular.

so, like i wrote in the last post, i classified those songs as rock.
i classify these as electronic, DJ and rap. i maybe completely wrong, but basically they all sound the same to me.

                                                     Eminem - Lose yourself

                                                  David Guetta - Gettin over you

David Guetta - Love is Gone

Run DMC, Aerosmith -Walk this Way! 

Eminem - Without Me

Eminem - We made you 

and well, as you can see, i am an Eminem fan. people say that music influences life and it is probably true. as for the artist who has influenced me the most. and if someone asked me(someone did and her reaction was just precious :D) i would say Eminem. well yeah, the first time it sounds outright stupid, but think about it. look at the kind of songs he has made over time, the kind of songs he made, the lyrics and content. you can clearly see that his songs have evolved the most over time, just like a kid listening to his songs would change over time. he went through a tough life as well, but took it like a man. well yeah, half of the songs he made are just outright crazy(read awesome), he is in awesome. period.

and yeah, if you have nay other songs you like and think are better than these, do bother to comment.

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