Geek - Nerd. Know the difference

Well, i know that m,ost of you are too cool to be bother with the difference of calling someone a nerd or a geek. you probably think that there is no difference between the two words, that it just means a guy/girl (highly unlikely), who's crazily brainy, who's known to excel at a lot of topics (usually academics) and as someone with whom your conversations will (almost always) be on a specific topic, on life, on tech, on living etc etc.

well, let me tell you the difference. and let me tell you that we, geeks, take it very seriously if we are called nerds. so,

nerd - a person who is hard working, one with a highly academic oriented mind set and very studious. im pretty sure what i have defined here is what you think geeks are.
but here comes the difference, geeks do what they do because they love it, they enjoy doing it, and that is why they excel at it. they have passion for whatever it is they are doing.
a geek maybe a nerd but a nerd is not a geek. there are geeks who are higly studious, but when you talk to then about academics, you will be amazed at the enthusiasm with which they talk about their subject. talk about the same thing with a nerd, he will not be able explain anything but textbook definitions, perfect theorems which probably even he doesnt understand but is being made to learn,

so, you see, when you call a geek a nerd, it hurts him because you calling him a  nerd would mean that he isnt passionate about what he is doing.

will you call a gamer a nerd or a geek?
you call him a geek because he is very interested in games, knows every new release, played every top notch game just to review it himself.

will you call a PhD student a nerd or a geek?
you call him a geek because he is very interested in his/her area of research, constantly keeps updated on the work in the field and is highly brainy in his area of work.

will you call a hacker a geek or a nerd?
you call him a geek because he had to learn a lot of coding, algorithms etc etc before he could learn to hack but now, having learnt coding, he goes about hacking small websites, his friend's facebook profiles etc etc because it is just fun and he wanted to constantly evaluate himself as to how good he is.

so, you see, there is a lot of difference between a geek and a nerd.
the most important ones being enthusiasm, dedication and most of all passion towards his/her area of geekiness.

but there have been cases where a nerd tuns into a geek after a point in his career, he has learnt so much and has realised how awesome his field is that he becomes passionate and evolves into a geek!

so, you see, think before you call someone a geek or a nerd.
because, you know,
                                      "The Geek shall inherit the Earth!" :D...

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