Netbooks and publicity

the netbook sales pitches are completely wrong. wait, first of all you people do know what netbooks are dont you? well, refer to Chromebook by google and samsung. it is basically a different kind of operating system on the usual laptop. the differnce being that you cant use the OS without the presence of the internet, hence the name netbook(i think). and basically, chromebook flaunts cloud storage, google music and other awesome google apps, all open on the chrome web browser. you can access portable devices from them but you cant install programs of your interest on them. you cant play anything from a portable device other than read documents or importing music to upload to your cloud collection but otherwise you cant even watch movies using netbooks(or can you, i dont know. i dont have one!). having read all of this, what are you thinking of now?

if you are a student, like me, you're probably thinking "that sucks, i am never going to buy that laptop. im going to a college and i wont be able to watch movies and shit on that laptop!"

if you are a parent, like the ones i have or my other personality, you're probably thinking "wow! what a wonderful way to restrict my son from ruining his life and prevent him from installing random software, watch movies endlessly and waste his time like the ones with PC or MAC do(well yeah, people running linux dont waste their time, suck it bitches!)" ....

so, you see the-sales-team of netbook companies. the right way to pitch the netbooks is advertise to the parents, after all they are the ones who will be buying their kids laptops. or atleast that's the condition in third world/ emerging economies, which is where is suppose your greatest demand, there also being the high priority to reach the market first.

and, from the numerous issues of students getting addicted to laptops and wasting their times, you can now clealy advertise that your laptop is shit and there is no way your son can do anything on it but prepare his reports, google and wiki for his projects and have music running in the background. and well there's a second side to this coin as well. if your son isnt a slacker, gets bored of bring restricted while using his laptop, he will become a programmer, make emulators to run PC/MAC/linux programs run on netbooks, and then gain infinite respect by open sourcing it or infinite money by selling it.

you see, this is how you pitch an idea to the general population, understand your market people!
or is understanding of people completely wrong!
it's all just too complicated man!

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