i wonder (about writing)

i wonder how many of you write at all in the first place, write when you are bored, write when you have a thought in your mind, write when you are not in the happiest of moods, write just for the saake of writing, cos believe me, it helps. and sometimes it's just fun reading up all the things you wrote from sometime back. some of you (or maybe most) may think this will be something like a diary and you writing in it may look, you know, girly.... so, what? it's you thinking that writing is girly, or mostly social convention that makes you think that only girls write diaries. first screw that, and try writing something, anything, or if you can, write nothing (you know, with those invisible pens which can only be read under purple or UV light :D) ...

moving on, the other thing is that a lot of people (like myself) start a blog, try writing a couple of posts, not in specific about anything, but after a couple of posts, you'll start thinking that you have nothing to write but about yourself. that you arent that much of an expert in any specific field to blog about it and wondering that nobody would bother to read it.
so, first of all, not everybody who blogs i an expert. and second of all, even if they are experts in a field, it's not like they write explicitly about their field of expertise. they just like to write, and when they have nothing else to blog about or if they have something really interesting in their field of interest, they'll blog about it.

i myself had the same problem, having created the blog in my first year, waiting and writing some posts on my comp before posting them on the blog (waiting for a good day to be specific :D) i finally gathered guts to post them and immediatly after 3 posts, i was lost (in the limbo from inception) and wondering what i would blog about next. so, now i find myself blogging about, on all kind of random things like the songs i write, the people i meet, the things i do etc, and hope that there is someone out there who will read it (actually i know someone is reading it cos the blog's statistics say so :P).

so, there you go, if you dont write at all, start writing. and if you dont blog/ if you started a blog and wonder what to blog about, anything and everything is the answer. none of us are completely unique, there is always someone who has the same taste as yours, the blog is just a way of communicating with those kind of people .....

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