College Life - A Home away from home?

I wonder how many of you reading this post are home sick, still.
Well i've seen people who are home sick every week, who go home or to their cousin's place in Chennai every weekend, who do a lot of crazy things to not be home sick, like try eating at places with homely food etc etc.

as for me, i've never felt home sick, expect for the 5mins on the 3 day of my hostel life in 11th. so, i didnt have problem adjusting to this college life, living all by yourself, staying alone in a single room and taking care of your daily chores, no one to fall back on if you screw up etc etc .. the list goes on as well all know.

the difference being that a lot of people try changing their environment so much that they end up creating a home like atmosphere in their floor or in their room. well, at first thought you may think that this is a good thing but let me tell you, it is not.

after having decorated and stuck posters(they're just posters of cars and superheros, no perverted thoughts!) all over the walls in my room, throwing out the cot to sleep on the floor and changing the position of the desk every week helps me feel like im at home whenever i get into my room.

but here you are, in a home away from home, if i can call my room that. and what do you do at home?
nothing! precisely nothing! you hang around all day, wondering what to do the next day, and this is what is exactly happening to me now! the minute i enter my room, i lose all interest in the outside world (unless there's a fight going on or someone calls me), have no enthusiasm to go out and play, talk or do anything.

so, you see, my pursuit in creating a home away from home environment has ended up in utter failure.
so, dont make your hostel room your home away from home. that way you can work better while at college and have more fun at home when you eventually go back!

or maybe this is all just hocus-pocus and im just trying to cover for the fact that i'm insanely lazy and using such absurd reasons to try and justify it.

either way, all i'm saying is,
Get out of Your Room!
and if you can, try pulling me out of my room as well! :D ...

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