Back on the wagon

What I mean is that I'm back to my practice of blogging everyday so you can calm down now. I took some time off this weekend, plus yesterday. A classmate of mine visited so we hung out over the weekend and the rest of the time I spent watching the anime one piece. Either way, I finally wanted to get off my ass yesterday but I still needed side projects to keep me occupied, as I was over the last month. And I finally came up with one, to compute the christoffel symbols that I learnt in the course on general relativity. It's not as common as the rest of them have been so far but it's something that im really interested in now. There is already a mathematica script that can compute them but as always, I wanted to implement them in python. I needed to carry out symbolic differentiation and I needed a way to create matrices with non-numeric entries. SymPy was the way to go and after a day of scratching my head, I have been able to put together a small piece of code. I need to now expand it to compute all of the christoffel symbols for the given two dimensional metric and then for a 4 dimensional metric like the friedmann metric which is used as an example in the mathematica notebook.

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