I cant stop reading!!!

Over the course of the weekend, I've been reading a lot! A lot more than i have over the last month! I finished a book that i bought a month ago and I've read length articles on the GM recalls, on the ranbaxy drug fraud, an article explaining how glow sticks work, an article explaining how airplanes actually fly and a beautiful piece on living off the grid. I've reduced this habit of mine, of checking hacker news every two hours checking for new articles but it still persists, mostly on the weekends when i need to manage my own schedule. I am fascinated by all of the problems in this world and how people come up with ingenious solutions to such problems. Maybe I should address the problems in my life before reading about how others addressed their problems. I guess i'm procrastinating :d Either way, I intend to stick to books, preferably non-fiction because there's so much to know about this world before knowing about fictitious ones :P And i intend to only read the books on weekends. Either way, let's see how this resolution ends up.

PS - it's interesting not having to think about what to write and to just write. Quite exhilarating i say.

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