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Nothing interesting today. Well, almost nothing. I have a couple of course presentations coming up, one as part of a course on laser physics and one for a course on atmospheric science. I intend to talk about "Astronomical Masers" for the laser physics course. If you don't know what astronomical masers are, they're microwave lasers that come from the stars. Literally. They were discovered in the second half of the 19th century and are mostly found near new stars or star-forming regions. And unlike conventional lasers, as is obvious, these are single pass i.e in a laser cavity, the laser light bounces back and forth between the mirrors on either sides multiple times before coming out, therefore multi-pass. There are a couple more interesting facts about them. I will not get into them now, I shall post a small report and a post next month, once i'm done with my presentation. Coming to the atmospheric science course, I intend to present on the exotic atmospheric conditions that are observed in the solar system. Specifically, the green house effect on Venus, the low escape velocity for gases on the moon, the super storm on Jupiter, the weirdly beautiful north pole of Saturn and coming back to earth, the black ice on the arctic ice cover. Again, I'll write a detailed summary of my presentation with a report and a ppt file eventually, on Nov 15th. Until then...

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