Caught by surprise!

My intentions to write everyday, no matter how small or inconsequential my piece of writing is, is being put on test! :D Having slept late, i woke up just in time to catch lunch and have been reading the book "Flash Boys" by Micheal Lewis for most of the day, in a cafe after lunch, in a friend's office all evening and now, post dinner. Having reached the epilogue, it's an interesting read. I had read an article, an excerpt from the book to be specific, about high frequency trading and how RBC alumni started a new stock exchange called IEX, about high frequency trading and the post-crash wall street in general. I took a break from reading 'Emperor of all Maladies', it was physically and mentally exhausting. I've finished this book in under two days and I've been reading the former for over a week now, in stints lasting 3 hours at the most. I couldnt't hold the book up or keep up with the amount of information that the book was throwing at me. Either way, as i was finishing the book, I was wondering what the time was and that I had precious little time left to write my post for the day. And here it ends...

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