Pocket reading list : Week 4.1 of March

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera : More awesome images were sent back to Earth by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which was orbiting, duh, the Moon! This image is especially awesome because instead of looking straight down at the surface of the Moon, the orbiting satellite was pivoted to the side to capture altitude information better!

Terriers Were Once The Greatest Dogs In The World : I love everything that FiveThirtyEight publishes. Well, most everything. And this one is on dog breeds that've won competitions over the last century!

Why I think Tesla is building throwaway cars : I've read a lot of article by a lot of people praising how awesome Tesla's cars are and how they are the future because they aren't diesel or petrol powered! While that is true, another important thing that should be considered when making or buying a car is how easy it is to use and maintain the car, how cheap it is to refurbish the car is it is totaled and how long the car is expected to stay on the road! This is a brilliant article that goes over these topics in depth, eventually proving that Tesla is making cars that are hard to maintain for long.

ScienceTake | New View of Flame : I've always been fascinated with fire. Maybe it's the caveman in me, I don't know. This is an ultra fast (or ultra slow, depending on how you define it) video of a match being lit. What's more interesting is that we can see the hot air rising from the lit tip of match stick! Who says that Science isn't beautiful!

The Myth of the Flat Earth : So, apparently, the story that early Christians believed that the Earth was flat is pretty much bullshit. They believed that the Earth was in the center of the solar system. But since the early ages, they believed that the Earth was round. The myth that the Christians believed in a flat Earth was apparently a way to polarize the people to take either the religion's side or science's.

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