Pocket reading list : Week 1 of Mar

Why Copenhagen Has Almost Perfect Water : Water bodies in urban places are pretty disgusting. They aren't usually maintained by City Works, garbage is dumped in them willynilly and the city sewage flows into it untreated. Apparently Copenhagen did something about it, that worked. Clean water bodies are something that cities should seriously consider, not just for their appearance but because the ground water reserves are directly affected by them.

Inside the Sony Hack : I don't know if you've heard but the hack on the Sony corporation was one of the biggest last year. Hacks on corporations apparently happen regularly, it's just that they aren't publicly reported, unless the hackers decide the release the information to the public, which is what happened in this case. Personal information on thousands of Sony workers was released to the public. Not worrying about that for the moment, the hack disrupted the internal networks of Sony and it made day-to-day work next to impossible, from giving out paychecks to finalizing contracts. An account of the other side of what might happen to a company when it gets hacked.

The Machiavelli of Maryland : 'Jack of all trades but King of none' is probably the best way to describe this guy. This is the story of a man who has been consulted by companies, countries, kings and ministries; read about what he had to offer.

Mysterious Detour While Driving? It Could Be Due to the Curvature of the Earth : I really don't know how to sell this story because I'm afraid I'll sell it short no matter what. It's an account of the consequence of living on a spherical earth but thinking that we're living in flat space.

Inside the plot to kill JFK: The secret story of the CIA and what really happened in Dallas : President John F. Kennedy was shot dead. The man who pulled the trigger was caught. But the story doesn't end there. This is the account of how the CIA could've been involved in the assassination of a President of the United States. Honestly, the CIA. The Intelligence agency of the United States. I mean c'mon, no matter how progressive a President is, you still don't assassinate him but hey, what do I know about politics.

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