Pocket reading list : Week 3.2 of March

Why Pluto is a frigid prison for nitrogen ice : I don't know if you guys know this but a while back, a tiny satellite sent by humans a long time back reached Pluto and sent back some amazing pics (again, the images lead to some very interesting science but let's take one things at a moment). It takes a while to interpret the images and produce meaningful science from them, after which peer review needs to happen. A bunch of papers were finally submitted by the team a couple of days back. This is a commentary on one such. "Science Papers Reveal New Aspects of Pluto and its Moons" is another.

Inside the wild—and wildly successful—early years of Mission Control : I have been amazed by space and spaceflight for a while now and this is an account of the lives of a few people who were behind the scenes, handling the operations of some of America's most successful space missions.

Flint’s children and the burden of betrayal : This article freaked me out. If you don't know already, people in Flint were being kept in the dark by a government which knew of Lead presence (read poisoning) in the city's drinking water. Now, the sadder fact is that this article made me aware of the mental trauma that the children in Flint might be going through! I need to read up on the studies mentioned in this article.

I’ve Had a Cyberstalker Since I Was 12 : A good number of my girl friends have told me that they had guys stalk them. A few of them were troubled by it. A few of them were used to it. But all of them were annoyed by it. This is the account of a woman who tried reporting and taking legal action on someone who was stalking her.

PS : Again, I'm pretty sure that I haven't done justice to the articles I linked above. Do me a favour and read them anyway!

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