3 days as an intern at Enthought, India

It's my fourth day as an intern at Enthought, India and I've been slacking off a bit in terms of not writing a daily report of sorts. I've learnt a lot over the last 3 days but I feel like I can do better. Here's a brief overview of what all I've learnt this week.

I haven't been assigned a project yet so I'm going through the documentation of a couple of enthought libraries (that are public) that form the basis of most of their products - traits, traitsui, envisage, jigna, pyface to name a few. Well, I browsed through them, didn't read them thoroughly. On my second day, while toying around with the examples in envisage, I discovered that two of the examples were broken, which my mentor tried fixing, while I sat beside him trying to understand what exactly he's doing and how he was trying to fix the bugs. At the end of the whole exercise, we were able to fix one of the example but we are yet to submit a PR fixing it. I discovered another bug yesterday, which another of my mentors helped me fix, which I am yet to submit an issue and a PR for as well. I need to get comfortable working with the git-branching model and PRs and stuff.

On the other hand, I'm working on a mac, which I am not at all used to. It's a bit weird when most of the keyboard shortcuts I've used for the last 5 years vanish all of a sudden and all i am left with are the arrow keys (I exaggerate). I installed an IDE yesterday, PyCharm, but I've spent most of my morning looking up keyboard shortcuts that I will need on a day-to-day basis and I looked up shortcuts on the terminal as well. There is an alternative to the terminal that apple ships with iOS but I'll try the default one for a while before giving up on it. I also downloaded a standard .vimrc file for syntax highlighting and what not, because it was getting a bit annoying to look at black and white code.

I have a couple of ideas in mind, which if implemented, will help me understand how to use the Chaco and Envisage libraries. I'll spend the rest of my morning trying to implement the first and then work on the second in the afternoon.

Sooo much to learn but soooo little time. Ohh, I almost forgot, there's also the added pressure to show progress because I would like to be offered a full-time job here by the time I finish my internship. Alright then, back to work.

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