It's been a while

It's been a while since I last posted something. Life got a little busier over the last couple of months. Rather, I've gotten worse at managing my time. Weekends were spent traveling or with friends. Weekdays were spent hunched over and typing, mostly words that made sense to a computer but a few that make sense to most people. While I have been working on a few things on the side, I haven't written about the progress I'm making.

A weird kind of truth has been dawning on me. I had set a high bar for myself and prevented myself from posting a draft I didn't consider to be finished. Or if it didn't convey anything new or exciting. Mostly because I was asking my self the question "Why would anyone want to read what I write?". And I've come to an interesting answer. Most people don't want to read my blog. The few who have read something I wrote wouldn't want to read the rest of the things I have written. And the fraction of those few who'd want to follow me might lose interest in what I write if someone better comes along who talks about the same things or if their interests might change.

And you know what, that's okay.
It's okay if my viewer base doesn't grow on a regular basis.
It's okay if my viewer base doesn't return to read everything else I write.
It's okay if my viewer base doesn't read all of the articles I have written after reading one.
It's okay if my viewer base is restricted to a specific region of the Earth.
It's okay if my viewer base isn't vocal about their opinions on what I write.
It's okay if my writing doesn't influence the majority of my user base.
It's okay.

But you know what?
There will at the very least be one person who will find what I write interesting, who might go on to read a few more articles I wrote. One person who might remember my name and look me up, if I had written something new, something interesting. One person who might be vocal and give me his opinions on what I write. This person might appear tomorrow, next week, next year or maybe in the next decade. I don't know and I can't be sure of any of this. But probability is on my side so if I write enough and if I write well, that one person will find me. And that's enough.

I am but one small drop in a sea of consciousness.
Innumerable people have come before me and many more will come after me whose writing most will prefer over mine, with good reason in most cases. I cannot expect to influence the world at the onset. For now, I will start with my vicinity.

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