HTML - an interesting start

Well, I've wanted to learn the language of the internet (HTML) for a long time now but I've been procrastinating (for almost 3 years now). And well, now I finally have the incentive to learn HTML. As i'm in my 4th year right now, I should start looking at my future career prospects, internship prospects and other kinds of prospects (I don’t know about what but I've been told that there are). And I've seen quite a few of my seniors who host their own personal webpages on their respective departmental servers (mostly CS & EE). and well, i dont see any easier way to convey to a professor your authenticity, your course work and your project experience. so, i finally started one weekend. 

there are quite a few resources on the internet to learn HTML, just google for "HTML tutorials" and you'll see. and well, after a random coin toss, i chose to look at the tutorials from for HTML, CSS and PHP. and in the process i found Mozilla Developer Network's HTML help pageW3Schools (apparently the best place to learn HTML and stuff from) and HTML Dog. All of these teach HTML in an interesting and involving way. im sure you can choose any of them and learn the basics of HTML and CSS. as for and editor, Mozilla's Thimble is an excellent interactive HTML editor which again has a guide to help you through the basics of HTML. and, it will let you publish the web page you wrote online! here's what i could come up with after 6 hours of tutorials and HTML coding 

well, its not exactly A grade but like i said, it's 6 hours of tutorials and coding! and i am yet to learn CSS properly. also, i've just been told by one of my friends that i should rather learn Django and that it was awesome! well, i think i'll just stick to HTML for now, finish what i started, make a web page for myself in HTML and get it hosted on somewhere on my departmental server or the college server. 
keep checking for the next couple of weeks to see what i come up with! :D... 



  1. After 6 hours of HTML, you don't seeme to have learned to make a proper hyperlink >:D

    Btw, unless you want to make large websites which are driven by databases, I don't think you need to reach as far as Django. I would think that HTML, CSS and Javascript will give you maximum bang for the buck.

  2. :D well, i dont think i still know how to make a proper hyperlink. and yeah. i am not going to learn django, will learn HTML and CSS better. have you tried them out?!


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