Blag Updated

Wait. Is this inception?! As in my usual status msg indicating that I've updated my blog is (you've guessed it) blag updated. And now, the title of the blog is blag updated and the blog post is about me updating my blog.

So anyway, I updated my blog. Not in terms of blog posts but in terms of the looks. I keep screwing around with the blog's theme and given the options in blogger and the customizations possible, It'll be a life time before I exhaust all of the available themes. Anyway, if you guys didn’t know, the blog's theme used to be dynamic and now it's just normal. If you want to change the look of your (blogger) blog and if you don’t know how to, go to layout>template designer or just template and select from the different options. If you're up for it, customize the blog's fonts, font sizes, background colors and background pic and what not! Go through this if you don’t believe that fonts matter!

It all sounds too easy but just the other week, I was trying to learn HTML and CSS to try and make my own webpage and I realized the kind of work that goes into designing the template for a blog! That excluding the many customization options and changes to layout! It is mind-blowing!

Well, it looks simple now. I wanted it to look kinda like the new wordpress theme. That is simplistic and looks mind-blowing to me! So, here we are! And yeah, I couldn’t leave the background as it is so I used a caricature of the Tron cycles and a scene from the new Tron:Legacy movie! 

If you havent watched it, I suggest you do so immediately! I personally love the original Tron and the new Tron:Legacy movies! They are awesome! On par with the new Star Trek movie, I actually think that they should've gotten oscars for a special SFX movie section! 

Umm, wait! Why do I care so much about the Oscars?! Or the Golden Globe Awards?! Why does everyone care so much about these award functions and how the movies perform at these?! It is common knowledge that the oscar committee is a bunch of old people, who would vote for a slow and sentimental movie or a movie which will blow your mind! Anyway, that's a topic to talk about some other day. A different blog post maybe.

So, the real reason as to why im writing this blog post is that I haven't yet written one this week and I want to abide by my 1 blogpost/week rule! (which is actually getting harder and harder to abide by now that my semester has started) I have an assignment due today, two exams over the weekend, an extra class for 1:30 hours on the Saturday and im sitting here writing a blog post. I don’t think I should start wondering if I could be doing anything better. I really shouldn’t at this point of time!

Well, that's all for now folks! Sometime next week, I'll finish my article on telescopes and write an update on my work on radio astronomy. 

Until then ….. 

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