the invisible headphones

(this is how a lot of my blog posts will start atleast from now on. with a question!)
(i think it will get you involved and make you think!)(i think!)

So, how many of you travel by buses, local trains or share-autos regularly?
or atleast, if you arent living in a metro and if you dont have the misery of having to travel by buses/local trains for an hour or more to reach home, i suppose you do travel by buses or trains-fairly regularly like once in a month or so-to other cities for varied purposes (personal or business)

so, in these cases, have you ever talked to the another person? someone sitting next to you? someone of the same or opposite gender? someone who looks as bored as you are?

im being serious! almost all of these transits will take longer than an hour, and 1 hour is a looot of time, believe me! personally, if i have an hour of time between home and college, i would read, listen to songs, chit chat with people around me. But lately, i have noticed that people, the general population which travels everyday, isnt as talkative!

consider yourself in a situation wherein you travel to the same place, everyday of the week, mostly by the same bus! you are bound to meet someone who is also a regular on the route! but still, there are very few people who talk to that other person!

my mother is a very good example of the talkative person! she is a working woman, and she keeps travelling by bus, train  for 2 hours everyday to reach the place where she works! and everyday when she comes back home, she has a new story about that person she talked to, about this guy she met, about the college student who resembles me, about the kid who resembles my younger brother! she has a very close group of co-travelers who she talks to everyday.

and when i go on the train as well, i keep trying to ask around what the person sitting next to me is doing, what he works in, how his life is and eventually talk about life and it's infinite awesomeness (somehow it always ends up on that topic!) :D...

so, when i talk about invisible headphones, i talk about this inhibition people have these days against talking to strangers. (well, if you dont talk to strangers, how do you make new acquaintances?!) i am not asking you to tell them about your family/personal life! And i strongly suggest you dont ask them about theirs as well! but you can talk about how their job is, how their community is and there will always be a common person/public figure whom the two of you can bitch about and have a fun time!

all im trying to say here is that, now a days, people are becoming more and more riddled with problems (personal or work related) and there are very few ways to let out all that steam! and in my opinion, the best way to blow off that steam is to talk to someone, about anything and everything!

people these days are becoming more and more closed, not sharing their interests and fun! and i suggest the few of us, who are capable of talking all kinds of rubbish with any and every person we meet, should try and talk to these people and change them for the better!

you may never know, the person sitting next to you on the bus might be your next besht friend!

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