The Critic

Who is the most important person in a someone's life?

his parents?
his best friends?
his Girlfriend / Boyfriend?
or his soulmate?

well after what i've seen, the one thing i realised is that the most important person in any person's life is The Critic.

Yes, it is exactly what it means, the most important person in your life is the person who keeps telling you to improve and provides you with ways to improve, the one who keeps a watch on you and is mature enough to judge whether or not if what you're doing is right or if it's wrong!
A person whose judgement you can trust and the gives you the wisest of choice!

Not many people realise this. There is a critic in everyone's lives but not everyone is open to criticism. people are afraid! they dont want to be told that the're not doing well enough, they dont want to be told that they have scope to improve, they dont want to be told the right and wrong in their doings. and so, they shun away the critics in their lives, they dont talk to them or just dont take their advice. they belittle the critic's judgement at their own cost.

Because, seriously, i need a critic right now!

it isnt easy being a critic you know, truth is a very bitter thing to swallow and like i said, not many people take it well. a lot of the time a critic is treated very badly for his behaviour i.e the critical analysis of his surroundings, people and life, an analysis which he might use to better the life around him, by telling the others to change and telling them to bring change!

and there are very few people out there who can be strong enough in the heart and mature enough in the mind to be a critic.

cos believe me, there will always be friends, you will always have your parents to take care of you and look over you and you will have a boyfriend / girlfriend to share your feelings with.

but the friend will always be afraid to be critical towards you because he knows you too well and can't bear to know what might happen to you afterwards.

parents may never know you as well as any friend will, and more importantly parental criticism is never taken in the intended way and leads to the person revolting against parental authority (almost always the case because the person isnt mature enough)

as for boyfriend / girlfriend, you will never be critical of that person because you *love* that person too much to be critical of them and look at them like an object that can be improved!

so, you see. go find yourselves a critic now
cos believe me, he is the best person to hang around with!

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