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people watch them. Indians watch mostly emotional ones, mostly ones in hindi. well, iitians watch them a lot cos we have the biggest collection of them in india probably. well we get addicted to this stuff mostly in our first years cos were too bored and some muggus (people occupied with studies all the time) in their final years cos they were too busy till then.. well there are a lot to go through, comedy, drama, mystery and too many spy, cop and police drama. well my personal preference are the comedies.there are a lot of them to choose from.

one thing i see is there should be an order in which some sitcoms should be seen. there are some which would feel better in a particular order, or what i felt after having gone through too many sitcoms. well the most famous ones are friends, how i met your mother. why the order you ask, i donno .

seinfeld, a contemporary to friends, is about 4 friends, and their relations, their parents, their neighbours and their early adulthood(20's). It is about crap, there is no story line or whatever, it is just nonsense after nonsense, but it is hilarious nonsense.
friends is next on the list being the story of 6 friends, their relations and their adulthood(30's).  and i don't think i need to talk about this
everybody loves raymond about a family, raising children, coping with the family problems, spousal and marital
two and a half men, the story of 3 men, two men and the brother's son, relations and just pure, sarcastic comedy. one of my favorites
that 70's show is another show, mostly i feel should be a prequel to all this, about teenagers and their life in the 70s. i didn't see much of it, so the inadequate description
alongside, whose line is it anyway is a great game show.
arrested development is another fun sitcom, about a fucked up family.
mind your language is another fun sitcom. joey is a small rip off after friends, i like cos i just like.

drama is a very good thing in life, if you dont have any drama in your life then some of these might put some.
boston legal is a court room drama, the story of a law firm, of two friends going through the motions of life everyday. funny, cynical and a good focus on the life. castle is another one in the same genre, about a writer and a lady detective, their way of life and how they go about solving cases.
six feet under and white collar are two more
community, the mentalist, hustle and

my favorite sitcom is topgear, by jeremy clarkson, james may and richard hammond, on cars.

anime, are one more thing which people should be interested in, if youre not. there's one piece, onegai teacher, samurai jack,megas xlr, heidi, samurai x, speed racer, batman and batman beyond, dragon booster, death note, full metal alchemist and card captors.

and obviously, this is not an exhaustive list and event his list isn't proper, though i will blog about each of them, try review them and give you an idea of exactly what kind of a sitcom it is. And to be true, im just now realizing why people don't start out with 4 posts, because it is too ffing hard to edit them, write them. There is one last post, for the time being and slowly i'll start writing on my favorite Sitcoms.  Till then, Live Long and Prosper.

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