Is it just me ??

I want to clarify something, especially to the women out there, when you see a guy, your brother, cousin, uncle, father, husband whomever looking very serious, looking as if he's trying to calculate 658 * 917 in his mind, don't start thinking that he's a genius, he's in a very tough spot in life, he is trying to solve some serious problem. whatever it is ... really saying as far as from what i know, when we look like that, we have songs playing in the background of our mind, movie bits whizzing past us, comedy scenes, and sometimes stuff which cannot be blogged about etc etc and not mostly some serious shit. there is a very less probability that we're thinking of something very serious, cos if we are working on something very seriously, we wont be sitting around on the table for dinner, munching on chips and sipping coke on the couch but some place different, maybe in some place more suited, like maybe an office, ohh i don't know, am not sure. there are times when every man goes through this very tough phase, too much work, stress, peer pressure that he brings all this shit home with him, but that never lasts for more than a month(unless you're someone who doesn't belong where he's working). so, everytime you see us making that face, you may call it serious, we call it leisure don't ask us what we're thinking about, cos you wont stop asking us until we give you an answer and the answer would basically be something we made up on the spot, and all this would get very ugly if you get to know what were really thinking about.

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