General relativity

The day was spent rewriting notes of the course on General Relativity. The professor has structured the course to take advantage of the assignments, teaching the necessary concepts and putting them to good use soon after by working out some problems. I wanted to keep a copy of the assignment solutions so I can refer to them during the exam but I thought I'd go one step further and fill all the gaps between the assignment sheets by rewriting the notes. The professor also leaves behind incomplete derivations for us to complete so it was good practice overall.

One other thing that came to my mind during the day was regarding Pocket, the offline reading app. I love it and I've been religiously using it for about 4 months now. Pocket tags article as 'Best Of' or 'Long Reads', and I'm guessing it creates the former label depending on how many people star the article in their library. Also, at the end of the year, Pocket tells you how many articles you've read, how much time you've roughly spent reading an article on an average and where you are in comparison to the rest of it's user base. I just thought another interesting thing to do would be to mention which of my friends read the same articles as I did or how many people read the articles that I have. And depending on these metrics, suggest articles. I don't know if Pocket already does this but well.

And finally, I rewrote the README file in the numerical methods course repository, mentioning what problems are addressed in the various exercises and what concepts (in C) are used. You can find it here.

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