Software baggage

Most of my afternoon was spent downloading GalSim, which failed twice for reasons that are beyond me! And I have been spending the rest of the time installing it's dependencies, which as you can see here, are mind boggling. Honestly, the sheer number of dependencies, python and otherwise, is making me think twice about what I'm getting myself into but well, I've started digging, might as well see it through.

While I was waiting for the download and for the installation, I figured out how to write a working fortran file! Just one that measures the area of a circle given the radius as input, which can then be saved to a file. I don't understand why every new line starts with a tab character. I now need to get used to control statements in fortran and writing subroutines to be called in the main function. I'm slowly, but surely, updating my reference files for c and fortran syntax.

Woah, it doesn't look like I got much work done today, I'll have to pick up my pace tomorrow...

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