Breaking my audio jack (and finding a software solution)

Almost an year ago, i broke the audio jack on my dell inspiron laptop. I was too lazy to get it repaired, which actually worked out for the better. I wasn't able to watch movies or tv shows on my laptop for almost an year so i ended up either reading up (articles on) the internet or working. And ubuntu was the sole OS on my system (as this problem has an apparently easy fix on windows). Until i found this solution on askubuntu to the problem early feb. Granted, i wasn't looking for a solution before and i should've just continued using my phone for songs. I shouldn't have. It's a software hack to use the mic port as an audio out jack. As simple as that.

The HDA-Analyzer tool is a GUI for audio control and the script one downloads (after running the wget command) is a dummy to download the full set of codes. Mind you, having a proxy wall will prevent the program from downloading the rest of the necessary codes. Actually, it'll even prevent you from downloading the preliminary code. Duh! Anywho, set proxy from the terminal as such before downloading.

Well, atleast on the upside I've been listening to this beautiful composition for the last 24 hours!


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